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We are a company specialising in the technical and functional check and complete overhaul of Mechanical Fuel Injection pumps of the brands:

Kugelfischer, Bosch and Lucas.

We start with a visual check and a test bench run.

If you decide to do a complete service of your your mechanical fuel injection pump, it will be completely disassembled, technically and visually treated and installed according to correct factory specifications. 

We serviced many pumps for clients in Australia, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Tanzania, Poland, France and the USA.

Send your Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lancia and Maserati pumps to us.
With our knowledge, quality and inventiveness we can help you with the need for a reliable service provider for your mechanical fuel injection systems.

We also service Spica pumps, K-Jetronic and KE-Jetronic manifold injection systems from Robert Bosch GmbH

For a bespoke race Kugelfischer pump we are at your service!

Email us: info(at)

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