Kugelfischer MFI


The Kugelfischer injection system, also known as the “Kugelfischer system”, is a mechanical manifold injection system for gasoline engines offered by the company “FAG Kugelfischer Georg Schäfer” from the beginning of the 1960s. Originally conceived by the precision engineering company Friedrich Deckel in Munich, FAG Kugelfischer, Schweinfurt, took over the development in the 1960s and made it a success. Schäfer Einspritztechnik GmbH, which was then named after FAG Kugelfischer owner Georg Schäfer, remained in Munich.

The fuel metering takes place only by changing the piston stroke of the injection pump (“Schäfer pump”) and is not dependent on the amount of air drawn in. Therefore, a basic prerequisite for good engine running is an exact synchronization of the injection pump with the throttle linkage or the throttle valve position.

From the late 1960s to the early 1980s, it was fitted to a variety of production vehicles from Ford, Lancia, BMW, Peugeot. It is perhaps best known for its use for the BMW 2002tii, 2002 Turbo, Alpina A4, Ford Capri RS2600, Porsche 911 RS & RSR, Porsche 911 SC/RS and the famous BMW E26 M1, BMW M1 Procar and even Ferrari’s 308 GROUP IV Rally car.

Many racing cars in this era used in combination with a Kugelfischer (Bosch) or a Lucas mechanical fuel injection pump a slide throttle. Cars like the air-cooled Porsche 917, Ferrari’s 512S, BMW’s M1 Procar, Schnitzer & Alpina BMW’s in Group V and the E30 M3 in DTM.

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