Bosch MFI


Mechanical fuel injection was developed on the basis of an idea by Robert Bosch. A piston pump injects a defined amount of fuel at a defined point in time into the combustion chamber (direct injection) or suction chamber (port injection). The first mechanical direct injection from Bosch was installed in the Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter plane. A significantly higher engine output was achieved in this way.

Many racing cars in the 70s-80s also used in combination with a mechanical fuel injection pump a slide throttle system. Cars like the air-cooled Porsche 917, Ferrari’s 512S, BMW’s M1 Procar, Schnitzer & Alpina BMW’s in Group V and the E30 M3 in DTM.

We also refurbish Bosch DLO injectors and remanufacture in-house Bosch type injectors of the DLO20 type including the race injectors type DLO90.

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